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Accessible Architecture: A Visit From Pops
Price: $20.00
Accessible Architecture: A Visit From Pops

Written by Ron Wickman - 2014
Illustrated by Jared Schmidts

ISBN 978-0991969708


I was only three months old when my father was injured in an industrial accident that rendered him a paraplegic. Growing up after the accident, I experienced the built environment from the unique perspective of traveling around with someone who uses a wheelchair. My father and I rarely entered a building in the same way as the majority of others; the service entrance was the norm for us. We were also less likely to visit friends in their homes. Helping my father up to the front door from a set of exterior stairs was dangerous and served as a reminder that he had less independence than others. Even when we did visit some else's home, our stay was usually shorter because my father was unable to use the washroom. These experiences directed my choice of work in the field of architecture. Working as an architect, I realize how easy it is to design a building or space to be more usable by more people, including persons with disabilities.

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