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Looking Backward
Price: $4.99
Looking Backward

Written by Sarah Yates - 2013

ISBN 978-0969647799

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Everybody has a story to tell and as we get older, many of us harbor the wish to tell that story, to record our family’s past and to leave it behind for future generations.

Looking Backward: A Guide to Memoir and Family History Writing guides the reader from that original family photograph to publication and the launch party. A 10-question checklist at the back of her book provides a last-minute guide against forgetting a critical step.

Her book is readable, practical and lively recounting examples from her work with a homesteader in Manitoba, from a patent lawyer born in Depression Kansas and practicing in Manhattan, even as he contracted ALS, to a city planner born in Brooklyn, NY who taught all over North America and in Thailand. As her story recounts, everyone’s story is different.

Since 1984 Sarah Yates has been in the business of helping people tell their life story as co-writer, editor and publisher. That year she co-wrote and published Toronto Then and Now with Clarence Duff, for Fitzhenry & Whiteside.

“Writing is hard; it can be lonely work. In this book and with this offer of consultation, I wanted to share my passion for storytelling and for helping other people to realize what is often a long-held desire to write their own family history or life story.”

Pass it on to the generations. It’s a family affair.

Looking Backward: A Guide to Memoir and Family History Writing is readable, informative and lively.

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