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Lucky Lou Gets Game
Price: $20.00
Lucky Lou Gets Game

Written by Sarah Yates - 2011
Illustrated by Gwendolyn Penner and Gemma Yates-Howorth

ISBN 978-0969647768

Lucky Lou Gets Game features a completely different heroine. Lou is a teenager with cerebral palsy who learns to take on a neighborhood with no idea how to cope with a generation that so readily mixes up the abled and disabled. Lou is funny and she has attitude. Her cousin Sam has never understood why she can’t play baseball, as he does. He doesn’t take her disability as an excuse. When Sam and his friends coach Lou and her motley crew, the baseball game has unexpected results. Lou gets the boy who was never in her dreams and learns to speak up for herself.

"People with cerebral palsy become characters in my books because they are part of everyday life. Their activeness in their own lives is reflected in my fiction. They work to create their own destiny as any of us do," author Sarah Yates told Toronto writer, Gloria Hildebrandt in a recent article for Good News Toronto.

Lucky Lou Gets Game was a first cut in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition in 2010.


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