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Set of 3 Children's Books
Price: $20.00
Set of 3 Children's Books

Written by Sarah Yates - 1992, 1994, 1997
Illustrated by Darlene Toews

ISBN 978-0969647706

Can't You Be Still? by Sarah Yates (1992) Ann goes to school for the first time. In her play with other children, she teaches them about cerebral palsy and about having a body that doesn’t always do what she wants it to do. Though she has a wild right arm, a walker and magic boots she shows her classmates her real strengths.

Nobody Knows! by Sarah Yates (1994) Ann has difficulty talking and gets frustrated when nobody knows what she wants. Ann sets out on an adventure to find someone who understands her. She encounters a turtle and other animals who, like her, communicate beyond language.

Here's What I Mean to Say… by Sarah Yates (1997) Ann is struggling to learn how to read. Using her foot to work her new computer, she slowly learns to run it and to read for herself. Or is it the angel in her computer that does it all? This book is about the magic of literacy.

All three of Sarah Yates’ children's books feature the same heroine. Speaking in the first person, Ann provides a fun and feisty role model for those with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. The books are entertaining and may also be a good learning tool. They have been endorsed for use in Manitoba schools and have been bought by people throughout the world.

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